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At Cor­val­lis Sew­ing and Vac­uum Cen­ter, we service all makes and models, not just the brands we sell.

Here are just some of the sewing machine and vacuum maintenance/repair services we provide:

Sewing Machine
Inspect and Repair:
  Presser Foot
  Tension Assembly
  Belt, Motor & Brushes

Vacuum Cleaners
    Inspect all parts for damage
    Replace broken belts
    Replace filters
        Electrical System
        Motor System
        Frame and Components

Corvallis Sewing and Vacuum Center's expert technicians can repair your vacuum or sewing machine quickly and affordably. Count on Cor­val­lis Sew­ing and Vac­uum Cen­ter to keep you up and running!


  • Corvallis Sewing and Vacuum
  • 920 NW 9th Street, Suite One
    Corvallis, OR 97330
  • MON-FRI: 9:30-6 | SAT 10-5, Closed Sunday